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Who we are

In 2013, Mr. David Stroehmann began the unpleasant process of shopping for a used Commercial truck. After countless phone calls, hours on the internet, and numerous trips to dealers, he realized that the trucks looked good in the pictures but were clearly not refurbished, as stated. They had painted over the rust and grease, the pictures were misleading, etc. You know the routine.

It was then he realized the only way he was going to get a high quality used truck was if he refurbished it himself. So that’s what he did…

How He Refurbishes Equipment

Featured Trucks & Equipment

  • 2018 Bobcat E32i Excavator 2 Speed

    Model - E32i
    Mileage - 2051 Hours
  • 2011 Toro TX 427 Narrow Track Dingo Skid Steer

    Model - TX 427
    Mileage - 924 Hrs
  • 2024 JQ POWER JQ400 Compact Track Loader

    Model - JQ400
    Mileage - 1 Hour

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