How We Transformed This Truck

All commercial trucks go through the exact same processes as follows:

  • Mechanical inspection. Any items found not in working order will be repaired.
  • Upon completion of the mechanical inspection and any outside/sublet repairs the cosmetic portion of the refurbishing process begins.
  • Any mechanical, welding, liftgate, body repair, minor repairs (roll up door etc.) or fabrication are addressed prior to the reconditioning process.
  • After all repairs to the have been made the interior is taken apart, steam cleaned and any easily removable items such as seats, dash panels etc. are removed and cleaned.
  • The frame, undercarriage, wheels, and portions of the engine compartment will be sandblasted down to the bare metal
  • All above items are then primed with self-etching direct to metal primer – 2 coats.
  • Once primed and cured we apply an industrial grade oil-based paint – 3 coats (much stronger and durable than factory paint).
  • We then begin the reassembly and detailing portion of the process. Including but not limited to replacing broken parts or pieces of the interior as well as final touch ups.
  • David Stroehmann personally inspects unit upon completion and creates a punch list if needed.
  • Any items on punch list are dealt with.
  • Unit is approved for sale.
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection is performed once the truck is sold.