Why Choose Stroehmann

We know you can buy your new truck anywhere. So why buy from us? What makes us different? At Stroehmann Commercial Trucks & Equipment we not only refurbish our trucks cosmetically, but also make sure there are absolutely no mechanical issues. All of our trucks are put through two rigorous mechanical inspections. We make any mechanical repairs that are needed as well as anything we can tell may go wrong in the future, minimizing any repairs after purchase. No truck is put up for sale with active codes or issues. At SCT&E, each unit is treated as if it were going to be in our own fleet. Every truck goes through the same process that provides consistent high-quality results. To put things in prospective the average high volume big dealer spends on average around $1700 to get a truck ready for sale, we spend $4000 – $6000.

We are a very small company and will stay that way so we can ensure the high quality and customer satisfaction that is being produced today. Please feel free to contact David Stroehmann directly, he would love to speak with you about any of your equipment needs.