“Creating customers for life by providing high quality Refurbished Trucks & Equipment at a fair and reasonable price.”

In 2013,

Mr. David Stroehmann began the unpleasant process of shopping for a used Commercial truck. After countless phone calls, hours on the internet, and numerous trips to dealers, he realized that the trucks looked good in the pictures but were clearly not refurbished, as stated. They had painted over the rust and grease, the pictures were misleading, etc. You know the routine.

It was then he realized the only way he was going to get a high quality used truck was if he refurbished it himself. So that’s what he did…

"There is no one in the country that delivers the quality we do – NO ONE."

Others began to say,
“Wow, that truck looks brand new. Where did you get it?”

After much thought and planning, Stroehmann Commercial Trucks & Equipment (SCT&E) was born. Mr. Stroehmann saw that there was a demand for high quality refurbished Trucks & Equipment. He wanted to give Commercial Fleets and Individuals an alternative to the “Lick & Promise” reconditioning offered by other used truck & equipment dealers.

We not only refurbish our trucks and equipment cosmetically, but also make sure there are absolutely no known mechanical issues at the time of sale. At SCT&E, we treat each unit as if it were going to be in our own fleet, just like Mr. Stroehmann did when he refurbished the first truck. SCT&E’s goal is to provide an extremely high-quality piece of equipment at an affordable price, while insuring that our customers are completely satisfied.

In 2020 Stroehmann Commercial Trucks became Stroehmann Commercial Trucks & Equipment (SCTE) and added off highway Equipment to the sales offerings. The equipment we sell ranges from Garden Tractors to 65’ Boom Lifts to Skid Steers and everything in between.

As time went on and the business grew Mr. Stroehmann purchased three acres of land on Highway 24 in Newport NC and built the 7800 sq’ building that the business now occupies. The new building has become a full-service dealership, selling & servicing all makes and models of trucks and Off- Highway Equipment allowing them to offer you a one stop shop. Come by and see them anytime M-F 8am to 6pm.

Every truck or piece of equipment is painstakingly selected by David Stroehmann, President of SCT&E. His goal is to buy inventory from the nation’s largest long term leasing companies. Only a small percentage of these trucks or equipment will meet the quality standards set forth by Mr. Stroehmann. Every unit goes through an aggressive mechanical inspection and then a rigorous refurbishing process. Any truck or piece of equipment that does not pass these tests will be sent to an auction and will not receive the SCT&E name. We provide our customers with a used piece of equipment that is as close to brand new as we can get it within reason.

As a direct result of our rigid refurbishing process, most of our customers are repeat customers who place orders for trucks or equipment they will need in the near future, proof of our quality and commitment.