NEW Grass Roots 72″ Box Blade Scraper Grader


Manufacturer Grass Roots
Year 2023
Make Grass Roots
Model 72BOX
Stock # E12715


Call David 252-424-8777

6 Ripper Shanks 3 Point Cat 0 and 1

The Grass Roots Box Blade is perfect for the sandy soils of the south, standard-duty projects, compacted gravel roads. Grass Roots implements are more than capable of withstanding the rigors of more demanding projects.

Durable & Adjustable Ripper Shanks

Dig through compacted earth, spread gravel piles, or remove small roots. The heat-treated dimples on tips are also easily replaceable.


Strong & Impressive Welds

Expert welding ensures your implement lasts for generations around your homestead.


Dual-Sided Rear Blade

Operate in forward or reverse with this Box Blade.